Ninja Classes in Asheville, NC

Our ninja classes turn Energy into Ambition through a mixture of Gymnastics, Martial arts and Parkour. The gymnastics aspects are the upper body strength that you gain from pulling yourself up on the bars, rings and mat structures. There is also the agility that you get from tumbling , vaulting and dismounts off of the equipment. The martial arts comes in with it’s mental and physical discipline, muscle control and precision, all the things that make up a good martial artist. Parkour is also known as free running and that’s what parkour brings to the table. The ability to transition from one obstacle to the next in a fluid motion. Running , Climbing , Swinging and Jumping!!! All of these components are put together to form what we call Ninja Sport!!! In our Ninja classes we coach our ninja’s for one 1 hour class a week. In these ninja classes we implement our Mantra which is Focused Energy– This helps our ninja’s to fine tune their thinking by not only paying attention to their coach but also to themselves and their surroundings Work Ethic– We encourage our ninja’s to try their best and work hard on everything every-time. Achieving their goals, giving them a sense of pride and honor. Self Responsibility– Taking responsibility for themselves by following gym rules and directions and always practicing safety!!!

See you in class!!!

  • Tuition is paid Quarterly
Class NameDates/TimesDescriptionPrice
Little Ninjas (3-4 yrs) M-11:00-11-45One 45 min Class per week (spaces available)$85.00/mo
White (beginners)M-Th 4-7One 1 hr. Class per week
Yellow (Adv Beginner)M-Th 4-7One 1 hr. Class per week$105/mo
Green (Intermediate)M-Th 4-7
One 1 hr. Class per week
Blue ( Advanced)M-Th 4-7One 1 hr. Class per week$105/mo
Home School Mon 3-4 One 1 hr. Class per week $85/mo
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